Our services include:

Headstone / Kerb cleaning
In recent years more people are replacing old existing limestone surrounds with new polished granite (maintenance free) surrounds, while keeping the existing headstone. Original headstones and kerbing can be cleaned to look like new.

Hearts / Books
We have a selection of Hearts and Books, these are available in any colour of granite.

Flower vases are available in many designs and shapes.

We supply statues of Our Lady, Our Lord, St Pio, St Martin, St. Anthony, St Therese, St Patrick or any Saint of your choice. These can be made in granite, bronze or marble in any size.

House / Village names plaques
We supply place name plaques and boulders to local authorities across Connaught. House and Estate names are custom made to suit your taste. We supply plaques for houses/Estates & Village in granite, sandstone and limestone in any shape or size.

We make any old headstone look new again, headstones can over time become discoloured but these can be cleaned and the inscription can be repainted.

We supply any colour chipping/pebbles.

We add additional names to existing gravestones, in a font to match the existing lettering of the Headstone.